First World Problems: Too Much Love?

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There is one thing to be said about driving in the suburbs.  There is a lot of space.  So much so that you are almost never in close contact with other cars. This notion that my lane is my own space was obviously not true in the big city.  As a Chicago cab driver showed no hesitation joining me in the right lane meant for one car.  The tension was high as he was near inches from our car.  As expected he managed a fearless right turn.  While I told myself to avoid the right lane at all costs lest I lose another ten years of my life.

Thwarting scammers on the other hand seems usual practice.  Sadly, they were not clever enough to get a reply.  It is entirely unusual that my phone company would call me about my account since it’s a family plan and they always text.  Much more sad, is the fact that when we called the phone company they were surprised to find scammers.  Worse still was their question of whether we had given any important information.   As if we were naive enough to give out private information over the phone.

The most unsettling of problems, this week and perhaps more to come, regards the convertible.  Recently,  I have changed cars to a convertible.  Weirdly,  almost every person on the road takes note of the  car and the occupants.   This in of itself is not unusual as many drivers will look around while driving, but most tend to not crane their necks.  Or to stare directly at you while making a left turn.  The amount of attention is disconcerting to say the least especially when the top is not down and the V-6  engine is silent.   This is almost certainly a problem of too much love for either us or the car.

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