First World Problems

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Starting this week, we’re going to give you a behind the scenes update at Rosie Discovers.

This week, I forgot the power was going to be out on Tuesday due to a neighbors tree collapsing a few weeks ago.  The power company called last week to let us know, but I got the days mixed up.  I realized they were wrong when I came back from walking Rosie and saw the multitude of power trucks on the corner.  At this time it was too late to do anything about it.  I boiled water for the hot pot, but forgot to grind the coffee to use in the percolator before the power went out.

Also, no power means no hair dryer.  So I didn’t shower until 2 on tuesday.  :(  I also couldn’t work on my bread that I started the night before.  I’m brave about lighting the stove with no electric starter, but not the gas oven.

There’s also the time suck of going grocery shopping, WITH MY MOM.  Enough said on that one.

There’s an app for our library.  No need to have your card since it’s in your phone.  But then there is a self checkout feature. You can check out books anywhere! Only it doesn’t scan around a curve.  So you’re left with a partial bar code. Plus people staring daggers at you for standing at the self checkout machine while seemingly doing nothing because you wanted to use the machine but couldn’t find your library card in the app.  So you quietly stand there urgently pushing options on your phone only to realize that at this point everyone waiting in line behind you had already left.

The dog no longer feels the need to get up every time her humans vacate a room.  Yet, she despises being alone.  When she realizes you are really gone she barks.  LOUDLY and incessantly until she gets a response. The only acceptable one is for the human to find Miss Rosie.  If you’re lucky she may actually be desperate enough to find you.  That is highly unlikely and you are better off holding the cat.  He’s quieter

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