What do you use on your bum? #LetsTalkBums

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There is a secret we have been hiding from you.  Perhaps our readers are in on the secret too, but I shall confess.  We use wipes and dry paper.  Why?  Well, as you can hear from Cherry below, it is more efficient!  Think about it, how many times a day are you going to use the bathroom?  How much time do spend on your majestic throne?  Don’t you want a more pleasant experience?  Time to do away with pride and welcome attention to your bathroom habits.  You only have one bum, so why not try treating it better?  It’s time to find out what you’ve been missing with Cottonelle’s Disposable Wipes.

So, where else do you start besides at home? Well, by telling a friend you are a brand ambassador for Cottonelle!  Oh really?  Why yes, they have disposable wipes!  To my shock and delight she uses them too!  This job is easier than I thought.  I don’t have to spread the word, I just have to mention them.  I fully expect a bunch of emails and texts and tweets from my friends telling me that they and their bums use Cottonelle wipes!

If you don’t, then you are missing out.  The word has spread and the conspiracy has begun, just how exactly do you treat your bum?  You should buy some to try, because we may not share about our derriere, but we all secretly spend some extra time and care.  I know that I am fresh and clean.  How about you?

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