Letter to My Blog

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Hi Blog,

This summer has been pretty involved.  First we started eating differently, we’re trying to follow a flexitarian diet.  Flexitarian means you eat mostly fruits, veggies and whole grains with limited animal proteins.  We’ve been doing this most of the summer and let me tell you it definitely works.  My midsection has shrunk.  This has been awesome, but it hasn’t been so great for you as I’ve been mainly eating fresh fruits and whole grains.  I promise this fall, we’ll be doing more actual cooking and baking.

Second, we had a death in the family.  This put a lot of things on the backburner, including your redesign.  I promise you’ll be in your new home soon with a fresh new logo.

Third and last but not least, we participated in the craziness that was BlogHer’13.  We had a blast, met a lot of new people and the emails we’ve been receiving have been awesome.  So many opportunities are headed our way.

I promise things are going to be more active now that summer is winding down.  I hope you’re ready!


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