Do you have a bathroom monster?

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There is only one thing worse than having the urge to go and rushing to the bathroom to find it preoccupied.  Admit it, you’ve experienced the awkward dance as you tried to hold it in.  Desperately pleading with the person on the other side of the door.

At our house, this is less common than pleading with our pets.  Namely the yellow monster also known as Rosie.  She has a love for sleeping in her old age.  Her chosen spots are any padded surface.  In particular she loves the bath mat, which is just long enough to allow her entire body to rest upon the green fluff.

How, did she discover this spot? Why her love of relentlessly tailing her humans.  She found one day being particularly quick to enter the bathroom before the door closed that this spot was most coveted.  Not only could she lie on this rectangle but she could be forever by her human’s side assisting them in all their needs.

If you have a dog, then you may be familiar with the joy in their hearts when their human pack members appear before them.  The wiggling and alert greeting is normal.  However, in the confined space of the bathroom when you have to go and you have to go RIGHT NOW.  Rosie and her love are a burden.  Having to negotiate and bribe her out of the way is no small task.  As the positioning of the bath mat is in the middle of the bathroom. Walking over Rosie is no simple feat, for as she notices you she will want to spring to her feet to better take advantage of your presence.

This is manageable under normal circumstances.  Yet, when you are in urgent need to relieve your bladder or worse the entire contents of your digestive tract, the wiggling and kisses are torture.  Worse still is the necessary sniff check.  You have seen it or experienced it yourself.  The dog sniffs with its nose pressed as closely to your butt or crotch as is physical possible.  This leads to an unpleasant experience for both parties when you are gassy.  Not even Rosie wants to smell the foul odors of a meal gone awry.  Imagine that scenario if you can with a distressed dog unable to retreat because you and her are trying to occupy the same space.  The mayhem and chaos is quadrupled by your need to use the bathroom.  Let me tell you, any comfort you can gain in that situation is like a piece of heaven.  Not even Rosie can complain after I use Cottonelle paper and wipes.

If you don’t believe me, then check out this video of Cherry seeing how people feel about Cottonelle’s wipes and #LetsTalkBums.

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