Disney Infinity – Taking Video Games to the Next Level

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A couple of weeks ago at the River East Arts Center in Chicago, I got to see Disney’s brand new video game system.  It’s called Disney Infinity and I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it before.  Disney Infinity takes video games to the next level with a huge amount of character choices and lands to play in.

Can you just imagine a video game where you can pretend to be your favorite Disney character?  In your favorite Disney movie, even if that character doesn’t appear in that movie.  Mind blowing, isn’t it?  Disney Infinity changes video games for everyone.  You can be Captain Jack in Neverland or in the Incredibles movie for example.  Or if you’re super creative you can create your own world to play in.  The possibilities with Disney Infinity are truly endless!
The other game changer Disney Infinity brings to the table is that you can take your system and plug it into any platform and play.  Doesn’t matter if your family has an XBox and your neighbor’s kids have a Wii-U, it will still work.  The figurines that you place on the console, have this nifty feature that they save all their own information.  So if you level up, the figurine saves that.  When you use it again, all your levels up are still there.  No other video game system does this!
Last but not least, there are these awesome power disks.  These disks, of which you can use two at a time, allow your characters to have special powers like invincibility.  This further allows you to completely change and customize your game play.
Did I mention it comes out tomorrow, August 15th?  :)
Thanks again Disney Infinity, The Big Toy Book, Joey Fortman and Charlene DeLoach for having this amazing preview luncheon.
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