Remix Pre-Game Cocktails with DJ Pauly D in Round Lake, Illinois

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Sunday is typically the day of rest, but instead we went to Round Lake to see DJ Pauly D.  You may be familiar with him as a DJ or from the Jersey Shore.  Basically, he’s the kind of person you’d like to hang out with.  Which is exactly why when we walked in the doors we found the crowd.  They were already waiting for him to appear.

The line wove throughout almost the entire store.  The people were giving off high energy before Pauly D was even there.  Everyone was having a good time.  The screaming started long before he got there.  With chants of his name and even a relay of cheering going down the line.

Let’s just say, that those people that showed up to WalMart to shop that day were terribly surprised.  The store was packed with fans waiting to meet Pauly D.  Anyone trying to do normal shopping had to navigate through the crowd.  I doubt much else was sold that day besides bottles of Remix.  That appeared to be in most people’s hands.  As they waited to have bottles signed by him.

There was an intense surge of energy when the music began to play.  The tension amped up as the crowd realized it wouldn’t be long until he arrived.  The screams started to pick up in frequency as they anticipated.  He was on his way and they were ready for him.

Not only was the crowd lined up by the hundreds waiting for their chance to meet Pauly D, but in the front of the store they were waiting.  Fans crowded near the front door waiting to catch a glimpse of him.  There were so many people in line, that they feared it would be their only chance to see him.  We waited and as thought the screaming and chanting couldn’t be any louder he appeared.  His police escort walking him inside as the noise level somehow tripled.  The atmosphere at this time nearly like a packed club on a Friday night as they went wild.

We realized that before he arrived, that they had been pre-gaming.  Not with Remix but with their energy.  Psyching themselves up for when he walked in the building.  Truly in the spirit of his new Pre-Game Cocktails as his fans knew that the party had only just begun.  You can check out the rest of our photos in our Google+ album.

As we got home, we wanted to crack open those bottles.  We invited over a friend and started tasting.  They were quite good over ice.  The Yeah Yum Berry and Star Fruit tasting similar to a jello shot.  Smooth and fruity with a slight kick.  We enjoyed the Oye Mojito as well and sent Kathy home with her favorite which was the Star Fruit.  Her birthday was last week and obviously the best gifts are those you can share.  We know that she will be cracking open that bottle with her friends and having her own party.  As she remixes her nights with this new cocktail.  Best served with friends to enjoy the night.

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