Hyatt Regency McCormick Place: Awesomest Choice for a Conference or Getaway!

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The day before my grandfather passed, Susie and I had the chance to check out the renovations at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel.  We’ve been dying to write about it, but life got in the way.

We had an alcohol VIP event in the city (that we still have to write about) to attend and were worried about having to drive back and forth that night, so I contacted the Hyatt to see if they’d be interested in giving us a deal to check out their renovations before a certain blogging conference that’s happening at McCormick Place July 25th-27th.  I almost feel like it should need no introduction at least to the world of bloggers.

Well the Hyatt was interested in having us come out and stay.  Total score!  We’ve yet to do anything like that yet on Rosie Discovers, so its a treat for us too.  Let me just say the Hyatt at McCormick place is absolutely gorgeous.  They did an amazing job with the remodel.  The rooms are calm, soothing and extremely well-decorated.

Which is entirely evident in the photos.  The Hyatt hooked us up with one of their executive suites on the 23rd floor facing Lake Michigan. You can’t argue with the proof!  The room looks like the ultimate lounge room on one side and a perfect place to rest on the other.   That and the city is pretty much all we saw from our walls of windows.  I almost feel like I need to include a photo gallery in this post, just to do the views from my room justice.

We also shot a short video to show exactly what the executive suite looks like and all the perks it comes with.  I’m thinking the walk-in closet, which is the size of the bathroom, will come in handy during the conference to store anything we pick up.

We also had breakfast at The Shor while at the Hyatt.  Like a dork, I totally forgot to photograph our breakfast.  Which makes no sense, because I’m always photographing food that I eat.  I just don’t always share it.  But that will change, smartphones are coming.  Just chalk that down to entirely too much rum the night before.  While I don’t tend to pass my limit, I was moving a little slow from being up too late.

Susie absolutely loved her breakfast.  She had two alaskan salmon filets on a toasted english muffin, topped with poached eggs, arugula and a fresh salsa.  She’s so looking forward to being back at the Hyatt just to get breakfast.  Salmon is an absolute favorite of hers that we don’t have often, cause I don’t like it unless its super fresh.

I had pancakes layered with blackberry mascarpone.  While they were delish, I couldn’t finish them all.  They also weren’t on my vegan before dinner diet.  Shor only had two things I could have eaten on my diet.  One was the prerequisite oatmeal and the other was a large fruit plate.  While I love fruit, I need a little whole grains to go with it in the mornings or I’m starving within an hour or two after breakfast. Basically, each of their breakfast items is an entire meal formed around one star ingredient.  The flavor combinations are mouth-watering and will make you eager to take back what you can’t finish to devour later.  Odds are you won’t be able to finish these lavish breakfasts in one sitting, but the best part is that at the end of breakfast you are fully fueled for your conference.

All in all we had an amazing stay at the Hyatt and are so looking forward to being back in just about a week.  Even though we’ll be busy as heck during the conference, we plan on enjoying a good breakfast each morning and going back to wind down in our amazing room.  We also plan on our spacious room each night to meet and greet more bloggers.

The Hyatt is also having a renovation contest.  You can enter to win a weekend stay in an Executive Suite with dinner for two at the Shor Restaurant!  Just hit up their facebook page to enter.  Plus now through labor day the Hyatt is having a summer rates sale book 2 nights and save 20% or book 3 nights and save 30%.

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