Scared and Excited that BlogHer’13 is Coming!

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In almost a month one of the biggest blog conferences in the world is going to be held at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago.  BlogHer’13 is going to be a non-stop whirlwind of parties, classes, meeting bloggers and brands.  I’m both excited and scared to be going, as this is my very first conference.  Kind of a go big or go home thing.  Why start small when you can start with the best?  :)

Maybe scared is the wrong word as I’m fairly comfortable being at McCormick place and around a lot of people I don’t know.  Maybe its more like being anxious because BlogHer is a really big deal.  I hope to make some new blogging friends, learn about some awesome new products and learn as much as I possibly can in the classes I get to take.

I decided not to stay at the host hotel because I’d have to shuttle back and forth everyday early.  I’m staying at the Hyatt, which is attached to McCormick Place, in an effort to possibly get as much sleep as possible.  Also to make it easy to take a break during the day if I need one.  I’ve been reading up about past blogger’s experiences and almost all of them stress the importance of taking a break off and on throughout the day.  Being at a hotel close by will make this a lot easier.

Susie and I are actually going to be staying at the Hyatt this coming Tuesday to check things out.  We’re attending an event held by Shellback Rum at a restaurant downtown and thought it would be great to get the scoop on what’s available at the Hyatt before the conference.

Check back next week to see some gorgeous photos and read our review.

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