Sharing Values with Scott, Art and a Movie

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Everyone has toilet paper rolls.  Did you know if you save them that you can make something gorgeous?  Something like this?  It takes me a bit longer to save them as I use Scott Bath Tissues because they have 1,000 sheets per roll.  With just glue dots hot glue gun (let’s face it glue dots suck), empty Scott rolls and spray paint, you too can make something this gorgeous!
We’re talking super simple to make.  If you’re as exacting as me, cut your empty rolls into 1/2 inch pieces, arrange artfully (you can see some of our earlier attempts on our Google+ album), hot glue together for extra stability and spray paint.  Easy Peasy!
I grew up using Scott Bath Tissues and Scott Paper towels.  My dad always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere by a big city.  When you live in the middle of nowhere, there are no sewers.  When there are no sewers, no you don’t have an outhouse, but you do have a septic system.  A septic system is like having your own little sewer treatment plant in your backyard.
That’s where Scott comes in.  Years ago, there weren’t too many choices TP wise when you had a septic system, due to the fact that not all toilet paper breaks down the same.  Scott, as far as I know has always been septic system safe.  Hence why its always been one of my favorite brands.  Even though I now live in the Chicago suburbs, where they have sewers, I still choose Scott products.  
One of the reasons I choose Scott bath tissue over other brands is that it is such a great value.  I mean, honestly, what other brand of TP boasts 1,000 sheets per roll?  If you figure cost per square, #ScottValues always comes out ahead.  That and there is almost always a coupon available.  
Not only is Scott a great value, but currently you can find specially marked packages at Walmart with this awesome Vudu sticker on them.  Behind the sticker is a $4 promo code to watch a movie online through Scott Shared Values.  We’re not talking an old, been released forever movie, but current ones like Jack Reacher or Beautiful Creatures.  While we’re not real big on TV at my house; we do watch movies.  
 This is what you’ll see when you go to redeem your Vudu credit.  We chose Jack Reacher, Susie and I have been dying to see it.  We’re big Lee Child fans, so this was the perfect movie for us.
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