Chicago Breweries 2013: Atlas Brewing Company

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Finally, we are all caught up with our beer breads.  Our next stop was Atlas.  They are a brew pub with a 7 barrel system.  Their beers were a little more traditional.  The interior truly felt like a place you would want to go for a drink.  The dark ceilings and dark furnishings put your mind into a relaxed state.   No need to worry about pretenses here.  Just relax and enjoy the food and drink!

If you haven’t been to a brew pub before, then this is your chance.  Perhaps you’ve had a meal based on wine pairings, well the same works with beers.  Only you’re going to get a much better experience, at least in our opinion.  You can see the brewing room while at the bar.  It makes for a great experience while dining knowing exactly what you’re getting because everything is made in house.

You may even get a chance to see them in action, as we did.  Although, that is probably a bit unlikely seeing that while brewing they are incredibly busy cleaning and making sure everything goes the way they want it.

The menu is not lazy either with a wide variety of normal bar foods such as burgers and fried pickles, while adding on the unexpected fresh mussels.  If you stop in, then odds are you will not regret it.  Of course, their variety doesn’t stop with food as they carry a few staple brews such as their Andromeda Milk Stout and kicking things up a notch with limited brews such as their Intemporelle Holiday Abbey Quadruppel.

We were lucky enough to get their Intemporelle Holiday Abbey Quadruppel and some of their Bentley’s Bitter.  The Intemporelle Holiday Abbey Quadruppel is a dark Belgian ale that is cognac infused in french oak.  Featuring fig and carmalized raisin with a hint of spices and oak.  Bentley’s Bitter is a English pale ale with English malt, hops and yeast.  The beer is fruity with a dry finish.

First up, we made a loaf using Bentley’s Bitter combined with oatmeal, whole wheat flour, spent grain and lime zest.

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