Kriser’s at Kildeer Grand Opening

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Today we went to Kriser’s.  An all natural pet food store.  Their new location is in Kildeer at the Kildeer Marketplace.  Lucky for us, it’s close by so we have a new place to pick up our pet supplies.  This weekend is their Grand Opening.  March 9th-10th and you can find deals such as free nail trimming and ID tags.  Plus you can have a photo taken with your pet.  To top it off you can enter to win a year of free grooming!  There are many more deals to be had.  Including a few month long special prices for certain products.

If ever you were interested in what you are feeding your pet, then this is the place to go.  They carry supplies from foods to treats to supplements to toys.   Everything is all natural and wholesome.  You’ll find anything your cat or dog would need to be healthier.

If ever you have wandered into a pet store with questions, then you might have gotten lucky with an employee who knows how to solve the problem.  However, you probably never had the opportunity to talk to someone like Brad who had more than one idea of how to make your pet better and healthier.  Of course, you could say his job is a little easier seeing as they only carry good quality foods.

They carry canned, dry, raw and freeze dried foods.  A bit different from other pet food stores.  You can get your pet something that they might actually eat if they lived naturally.  No by-products, corn, soy or wheat in these products so you know your pet is getting a high quality meal.   All their products are inspected.  You can find out exactly where your pet’s foods and toys are coming from.  No more mystery ingredients with unknown sources.  Only all natural ingredients for your pet’s all natural life.

We picked out some dog treats with Rosie’s favorite flavors peanut butter and sweet potatoes.  Since she has been a bit down the past few days we also got her a supplement to give her a boost.  A kelp based immunity supplement that we know she’ll love because any form of seaweed will have her wanting more.

These dog loveys are something Miss Rosie would absolutely adore.  They are so cute!  We’ll keep them in mind for a future trip.  :)  If you’re going to be in the area, definitely stop by and check out Kriser’s.  Your pet will love you even more for it!

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