Do you have a Dream? Mine is Called #SoFabCon!

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Have you ever had a dream?  Open spaces to roam?  And in those open spaces buildings?  And in those buildings people?  And in those people the opportunity to create and share?  A chance to become an even better version of yourself?  I have that dream.  The dream of #SoFabCon in Arkansas. 
Social Fabric is holding its very first blogging conference, #SoFabCon, this year in Arkansas.  A place where small bloggers who dream of becoming better yearn to go.  I am one of those small bloggers.  For about a year now I have been a member of Social Fabric or SoFab as you have probably heard me refer to it.  Social Fabric has really helped me grow and improve as a blogger.  Without them I doubt I would have lasted this long.
I’ve gotten to work with some awesome brands like Starbucks, Sears and Bigelow Tea to name a few, companies that wouldn’t have any interest in a small blogger like me otherwise.  My writing has improved, my photography has definitely improved and I’ve learned about social media.  Oh who am I trying to kid, social media is still a mystery to me.  
SoFab is great in that they offer classes to help their bloggers grow.  One of these was a food photography class that I was oh so lucky to get enrolled in.  I’m sure you’ve noticed a difference in my photos.  Here’s two photos from my blog.  The one on the left is from pretty early on.  While the one on the right is from last week, can you see the difference?
Arkansas may as well be on the other side of the rainbow as far as I am concerned.  Being in Chicago is great for a lot of things, but its hell and gone from #SoFabCon.  (I so wanted to say Cartagena, has anyone else seen Romancing the Stone, lately?)  Getting to attend would be one of the most awesomesauce things I would get to do this year.
But plane tickets or gas and accommodations are expensive.  That is where the awesomeness of SoFab comes into play.  Not only are they having a conference this year, but they are giving away 12 sponsored tickets to #SoFabCon.  Six are for SoFab bloggers and the other six are for non-members.  How awesome would it be to win?!?!  They wanted creative entries, but I had no time to make a #LuvSoFab cake.  If I get picked you better believe I will be bringing special treats with me to the conference.  I think cookies, everyone loves cookies right?
So why should you pick me?  Being a new blogger, it goes without saying that attending this conference would help me grow.  Do you see the big list of sessions up there?  There will be ones on SEO (which I’m completely in the dark about), WordPress (where we’re moving to shortly) and how to build your brand.
These are all things my blog desperately needs.  Every blogger needs to learn these things to thrive, flourish and grow.  I am oh so anxious to see if I get picked to attend.  This would be my very first conference and I know the things I could learn would so be worth it.  I’ve heard conferences are crazy/busy and oh so tiring but also a blast to attend because you get to meet all the other bloggers you’ve been working with online in person.  
Another somewhat silly reason I want to attend is to get away and be by myself for a while.  I don’t think I’ve actually been by myself since attending college.  My sister and I do a lot of things together, including working on this exciting venture (Rosie Discovers).  Is this an awesome reason to attend?  Not really, but it would be a great working vacation.  I’ve also never, ever been to Arkansas or anywhere in that part of the country.  I’ve heard its pretty, but I’ve never seen it.
The last reason I want to attend #SoFabCon is because what I learn there I will be able to pass on to other bloggers to help them grow.  Up till now I have been ever so fortunate to have SoFab in my back corner.  Think of the Social Fabric Community as being the mother of all reference librarians.  Whenever I have had a question, someone there will have the answer.  I want to be one of those bloggers that is able to answer those questions.  This desire to help and learn comes from being a librarian in my past life.  I love being able to help others find things that they need.  I just know attending this conference will allow me to do this.
I am ever so hopeful that my very un-creative entry catches the eye of someone at Social Fabric #cbias.  If you pick me I will have to create a special #LuvSoFab cookie for the conference to share with everyone.  Any flavor ideas?
This post is an entry into a contest to attend #SoFabCon in May.  All opinions are my own.
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