Absolutely Nothing Gets Done While I’m Sick!

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Do you ever have those weeks where it seems nothing quite goes right?  I’m having one of those this week!

Here’s how my past week has gone.

I woke up sick Saturday morning, not incredibly sick, just a sore throat in the back of my mouth on one side only.  I swear it has to do with my sinuses, which are awful here in Chicago.  :(  Just thought I had a cold and it would go away.

Sunday morning, still sick and feeling incredibly tired.  Spent most of the day napping and drinking fluids.  Completely threw off my sleeping schedule.  Epic fail.

Monday, still sick.  My sore throat actually hurts now and I don’t have much appetite.  I’m sleeping off and on most of the day and eating hardly anything.  Woozy too.  Another day wasted.

Tuesday, still sick.  Sore throat still hurts and still sleeping off and on all day.  Exhausted from time to time.  My mom, being ever so helpful says well maybe you have a little mono.  I told her you either have it or you don’t, you can’t just have a little.  :(  Oh and my exhausted self, got dragged all over to the grocery stores on the blizzard day from hell.  Another day wasted.

Wednesday, still sick but feeling better.  Sneezing bunches, which is never any fun.  Ran errands most of the day, came home exhausted had coffee and felt perky enough to make turkey tetrazzini for dinner.  So glad I made regular food, cereal and other quick things are not conducive to feeling better quicker.  Day not totally wasted, but didn’t get any blogging done.

Thursday, feeling much more like my normal self.  Cleaned the entire bathroom top to bottom this morning with all natural cleansers.  A mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dawn used on the tub, shower, sink and counters.  Worked much better than the store bought cleansers I’ve been using for years.  Rest of the day I plan on tackling a pineapple pie recipe I hope to share soon, a new beer bread recipe, some actual blogging, laundry and making dinner from scratch.  :)

We’ll see how I do.  Sorry it has been so quiet around here, but with my sleeping almost around the clock the past few days I didn’t get anything done.  I hope by next week to have most of my Bigelow Oscar party recipes posted for y’all.  They were crazy good and so easy to make if you don’t go hog wild and make them all at one time.

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