Amazingly easy laundry tip!

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This post isn’t going to have a picture.  :(  I know its incredibly sad.  It’s also not about cooking or baking or alcohol.  It’s about laundry.  I know not really something I’ve talked much about.  But everyone does it.

Anyway, I was at the store earlier this week and met a woman who told me the best way to get your clothes clean and keep the colors bright was to use ammonia and vinegar when you wash them.  I’d always heard adding vinegar to your laundry worked like a natural fabric softener, but never a thing about ammonia.

I figured I’d give it a whirl as I had both ammonia and vinegar in the house.  This is easy peasy to do.  When you add your detergent to the washer, add a cup of ammonia and run a regular wash cycle.  Add your vinegar to the rinse cycle like you would a fabric softener.  When you take the clothes out of the washer they will smell slightly like vinegar, but it will be gone after you dry your clothes.

I added a dryer sheet to the dryer, force of habit, but I’m not quite sure that I’d have needed it.

You’ll be amazed at how great your clothes feel.  :)  Using this leaves no lingering smells in the laundry.  Which I absolutely love.

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