Susan Rice’s Truffled Potato Chips

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Honestly, I’m not a fan of potato chips.  All I can say is I that they’re not the best choice and around our house they don’t last long.  Plus the fact that a lot of the flavored kinds have all kinds of artificial flavors that rely upon MSG to make them savory.  Since one of our family members has an allergy to MSG, we avoid most potato chips.

These, on the other hand, are a delight.  They are still potato chips so I can’t lie to myself and say they’re going to be the healthiest choice, but as a small treat they work wonders.   I should probably temper my statements by telling you that I am a person that loves mushrooms.  Any variety and I will go mad for them.  The flavors are excellent and truffles top that savory ladder of awesome.

Which is what these are awesome, I tasted one and let me say I’m hooked.  I had to hide the bag from myself so I couldn’t eat all of them at once.  It was like eating mouthfuls of delectable truffles, which it is except there’s potatoes in there as well.  Her truffled potato chips are sprinkled with summer and black winter truffles.

Susan Rice is a woman that knows truffles well.  She has a hand in the cultivation of her own truffles so not only are you getting truffles but the best of them and locally from the United States rather than somewhere else.  Her orchard is located in North Carolina. A woman after my own heart producing gourmet truffles.

For more information or to get your own bag visit  There is a variety of other fine truffle products.  Including another favorite snack, popcorn meets truffles.

*I was sent these products for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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