Terry’s Toffee – Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

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This week we stopped by Terry’s Toffee here in the city.  They were our second stop for the Chicago Fine Chocolate show.  It was easy to find, not too far off the expressway.  The atmosphere was inviting when you walked in the door.  The decorations in the entry way show how much Terry’s Toffee is loved by their visitors.  

The best part has to be the smell.  You can tell right away when you open the door that you are entering a toffee wonderland.  They sell a variety of toffee treats.  From their McCall’s Classic (their original recipe) to popcorn coated in toffee or ice cream with toffee.

Their flavors can please any palette.  The McCall’s Classic is a traditional English toffee, while they have flavors such as Koffee Toffee (with espresso) or Chai-cago Spice (with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cardmom & pepper) or Lavenilla (with lavendar and vanilla).  Their toffee is paired with a multitude of ingredients to combine into combinations that pop.  With 14 flavors of toffee, you are bound to find one to become your own personal favorite.

If you know a toffee lover like us, then you may have just stumbled upon the perfect gift.  They have a variety of gift options.  Or like us, we bought a small sampler for our Mom since it was her birthday, they wrapped it up for us.

Did you know that they are the sweet treat at the Oscars since 2005?  Well they are.  They’ve also been gifted to a variety of celebrities including the Queen and also current and former Presidents.

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