Chocolate Shop (Precept Wines) – Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

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I’ve got another Chicago Fine Chocolate Show preview for you!  This one is a little different as its not a chocolate candy, but a chocolate alcohol!  Chocolate Shop, produced by Precept Wines, has a variety of chocolate wine choices.  They were kind enough to send me a couple bottles to sip on before the show.

First I have to say I’ve only ever tasted one chocolate wine before and it wasn’t that spectacular.  I’m also not a huge fan of red wines in particular as I prefer sweeter ones.  But these are incredibly sweet with just the right amount of chocolate.

The Chocolate Lover’s Wine is a very sweet red that truly tastes like you’re drinking chocolate!  It doesn’t have that flat red wine taste at all.

The Chocolate Strawberry wine literally tastes like strawberries that were picked at their peak and then dipped in chocolate.  But its a wine, how incredible is that!

The Creme De Cocoa is wonderful treat.  The chocolate and mint are perfectly blended.  This wine is great poured over some ice.  It doesn’t need anything else to make it special.

All of these wines were a delight to try.  If you’re a wine and chocolate lover on the lookout for something new this holiday season, these are for you!  Definitely head down to the Chicago Fine Chocolate Show this weekend to give them a try.

*Precept Wines sent me these wines for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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