Covergirl & Olay Review

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Recently I got asked by bzzagent if I’d like to try out the new Covergirl & Olay makeup.  I’m always up for trying out new beauty products.  :)  While I’m not quite old enough to need age-defying makeup I was excited to try it because it has Olay in it to make it more moisturizing.  I almost always have dry skin in the colder months.
The Covergirl & Olay tone rehab foundation is not as moisturizing as I had hoped.  I normally apply liquid makeup with a brush but this pretty much turns to a thick powder when you pump it out of the bottle.  So by the time I apply it to my skin it has a powder finish.  It tends to make my skin feel dry and tight.  
The Covergirl & Olay pressed powder is less drying than regular powder.  That’s an improvement in my book over other powders.  But the compact itself isn’t very sturdy and doesn’t lock shut.  I had left it on the bathroom counter and when the cat knocked it over it shattered into a bunch of pieces.  I’ve had other compacts survive the cat.
So all in all the Covergirl & Olay products probably aren’t the best for me.  I have extremely sensitive skin that at times is dry and this makeup wasn’t moisturizing enough.  It also didn’t stay matte looking for more than an hour even on a cool day.  :(
*I was sent these products for review from Bzzagent.  All opinions are my own.*
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