SodaStream, Thirsty Thursday’s anyone?

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I have exciting news!!  SodaStream sent me their Jet model soda maker the other day.  I definitely wasn’t expecting them to send a large selection of their syrups though.  They sent me 8 bottles of syrups to try with the SodaStream and this set of little glass bottles that are fruit essences.  Totally flabbergasted when I opened the very large, heavy box that they sent.

Especially since I want to make my own syrups out of healthy ingredients like real fruit and herbs.  And coffee and espresso and maybe choffy.  We aren’t true soda drinkers in my house but the idea of using regular cold water and natural ingredients might change our minds.

The SodaStream is so incredibly easy to use.  You just need to fill the special hermetic bottle that comes with your SodaStream with cold water up to the filling line.  Then you screw it into the machine.  Next you push down on the button till you hear a loud buzzing sound.  You can choose your level of carbonation by pushing the button up to 5 more times.  I like mine at about a 2 or a 3.

As a treat and to get a not the norm group opinion, I took the SodaStream over to the prayer shawl group at Our Lady of the Wayside.  My mom is a member and she thought the ladies would like to try it out as a lot of them do drink soda.  A definite hit with the ladies although most of them liked the soda fizzed to the max instead of the light fizz we prefer.

So I’m thinking we might be having Thirsty Thursdays to go with our Wholesome Wednesdays.  Any thoughts?

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