SFU: Sears Grilling Week 3 Grill Photos #grillingishappiness #SoFabU

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Kenmore Grill

If you’ve been reading the past few weeks, you’ve seen that I’m participating in a photography class run by Collective Bias and sponsored by Sears.  In the first week, I talked about what I hoped to learn in this class. In the second week, I went to Sears and did a path to purchase shop for a brand new grill.  In this week, the third week, I actually went to Sears to purchase a new grill.  :)

Sears was nice enough to provide our class with gift cards to use at their store to purchase a brand new grill and accessories.  My week was a little nerve wracking because on Monday I ran right out to Sears to purchase a grill, only to find that the one that I really truly wanted wasn’t on sale any longer.  So after much hemming and hawing, along with the sales guy coming to check on me about 10 times to see if I’d made a decision, I purchased a grill that was okay.  It wasn’t what I really wanted, but a new grill is still great.  Later that afternoon, I found out that Sears was going to have the grill I actually wanted on sale Friday.  Lucky for me Social Fabric was nice enough to allow me to exchange my grill.  But this also meant I had to put it together myself.  I think I did a pretty darn good job of that.

Besides purchasing a new grill, this week’s assignment was to take pictures of everything we bought using natural lighting.  Late afternoon is a great time for me to take outdoor photos because there isn’t much direct light on my patio.  I did try to play around with a bounce card a little, but it was hard to focus the light or there wasn’t enough to focus.  I think it worked best in the photo of the grilling wok.

Kenmore Grill Open

Here are some pics of my brand new Kenmore grill.

Kenmore Stainless Steel Rod Grates

I’m excited because it has these awesome stainless steel rods for grates.  Their close enough together that I’ll be able to grill all kinds of foods on them without worrying about food falling into the grill.

Kenmore 4 burners

It also has 4 (yep I said 4) separate burners.  This is a feature I also love because I normally grill things other than just meat.  This way I can get everything done cooking at the same time.

Kenmore Side Storage Shelves

I also really like these side storage shelves.  My previous grill had these huge wing shelves on either side of the grill that just made it awkward to use.  These shelves are out of the way when you cook, but oh so convenient.  I also suspect a very large orange cat to try them out for a sleeping spot before too long.

Kenmore Side burner

This Kenmore also has an extra side burner.  I’m excited about this because I can see me using it to get things ready like a fresh chicken Parmesan.  I can do some sauce and pasta on the side to have it ready to go with a marinated grilled chicken.  It’ll also be great to use on hot days when you want to use the stove, but don’t want it heating up the house.

Grilling Wok

I also bought a grilling wok which came with a pair of tongs.  This will be great to saute cut up veggies and also seafood.

Kenmore Elite Grill Cover

Being ever practical, the last thing I bought was a heavy duty cover for my grill.  I know its a boring purchase, but living in Chicago we get nasty weather at different times throughout the year.  This way my grill will be protected while its outside.  I plan on making room to store it in the garage over the winter.

Pretty awesome, huh?  I’m very excited to try it out very soon.

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Sears #CBias #GrillingIsHappiness.  All photos and opinions are my own.

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