Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

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Hemp has a rep.  It’s one of those plants you learn about in health class.  A drug which contains THC, but this kind of Hemp will not cause intoxication of any sort.  Unless you mean the version where you love the food you’re eating.

Hemp is a power food.  Filled with protein, vegetarian none the less, Omega-3s and Omega-6s along with fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals.  There is no reason not to try Hemp because there is no down side.

Our package of Hemp Hearts was eyed suspiciously for a few days.  It lived in the refrigerator for a few days before we ventured into opening them.  Hemp Hearts are raw shelled seeds from the Hemp plant.  The flavor is similar to a green tea but less strong.  A light woody or green flavor.  However, when combining Hemp with another food the flavor is easily lost and over powered.

As suggested we tried it in our salads and smoothies.  It has already become a household favorite in smoothies in particular for breakfast: Nutty Blueberry Smoothie.  Most of all Hemp is a convenient way to add more good nutrition to your diet.  For an ingredient that is small, it is potent.  We noticed that we felt better the same day that we started consuming our Hemp Hearts.

Benefits to be had with only a teaspoon (at least for us)!  I challenge you to find another food that does the same!  (Package recommends 3 tablespoons as a serving)

Enter to win an 8 oz. bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts open to the US & Canada.  Use the rafflecopter form below.  Contest runs from June 1st -14th.  Online Sweepstakes

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*All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Manitoba Harvest sent us this product to review and giveaway.*

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