Earth Balance Product Review + Giveaway!

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Recently Earth Balance sent us some free coupons to try out their products.  We decided to try their Almond Butter, Coconut Butter (refrigerated) and Vanilla Soy Milk.  All items that we don’t usually buy.  Not surprising since our family has been quite traditional in terms of food.  Until recently we didn’t tend to venture out into new flavors. I remember countless PB&J sandwiches but never before have I had almond butter.

We have always been supporters of organic foods, just not necessarily completely vegan products like Earth Balance offers. I couldn’t tell you how many hours we spent picking our own fruits at various farms and orchards.  At the age of five, I had my own little garden patch.  It was only a few tomato plants, but none the less I know food tastes better when you put care into it.  Earth Balance does that with their products offering items that the average person won’t or can’t make in their own homes.

The Creamy Natural Almond Butter is quite wholesome.  Creamy as the label suggests but the flavor left something to be desired.  I think we all agree that we prefer our almonds in their original form.  Although, we put that good source of protein to good use in these Nutty Blueberry Smoothies.

The Organic Coconut spread is delicious.  Probably a product, I would never have thought to try.  A healthy replacement for butter that may be an even better choice.  We’ve been using it to make eggs every morning. Yes, it does give them a slight coconut flavor but it doesn’t detract from the eggs at all.

Vanilla Soy Milk seems the same as most other brands.  Only the flavor is better.  My Mom raves about it.  She drinks soy milk because she is partly lactose intolerant.  Pestering her to eat and drink more dairy or calcium isn’t effective, but she’ll drink soy milk.  Finding a brand that she loves is a relief.  She’s picky about adding new foods to her diet and I don’t need to worry about her calcium levels.

Earth Balance sent 2 free product coupons to giveaway.  Open to the US.  Contest runs from June 12-26th.      Use the rafflecopter form to enter below.  Good Luck!

Instant Win
All thoughts and opinions are my own.  We were given these products to review.  Earth Balance supplied the giveaway prize.

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