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I know that I got sucked into playing games on Facebook.  It was any easy way to procrastinate only it was not in the least bit productive.

Luckily, now it can be.  There is a new game called WeTopia.  WeTopia is a similar platform to most social games.  You get friends to help you build things in the game and unlock content as you level up.  Only, this game is centered around giving Joy.

Your time is spent building your own town and when you collect from your buildings you gather Joy.  This Joy is then sent by your own choosing to various projects.  So, far the options are within the United States and Haiti.  They are also planning to help charitable projects in Africa.  So, you can choose whether you want to help build schools or give medical care.


The game itself is adorable.  You build Joygrounds which essentially allow your town to grow bigger.  Only most parts of the game aren’t static.  The children actually play on the swings and walk around your town.  The stores are easily identifiable as having giant representations of their products on the top (the bakery has a cupcake, the fish market has a giant fish, etc).

I suggest that you check it out if you are already a user and game player of Facebook.  I know that playing a game is not the best way to give to charity, however, if you’re going to be online, like me, then you might as well spend your time giving back.  I know I’ll get sucked into playing games with my friends so I am choosing to use the one that is doing good.

As they say WeTopia allows you to “Play for Good”.  So, why not do good while you play?  You’re not going to miss Farmville when you can farm elsewhere.  You can contribute to the growing number of hot meals and fresh water given to children.  At the time of me writing this post the stats listed are:

Hot meals                           246,885
Liters of Fresh water          1,353,299
Pairs of Shoes                      2,149
Bricks                                   767
Coats                                  2,192

If you would like to know more then visit: www.wetopia.com

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