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We have two kinds of New Chapter Vitamins, Perfect Energy and Perfect Calm.  Al would have tried them except that they contain fermented soy.  She has a soy allergy, so I got to be the guinea pig.

I started out taking the Perfect Energy.  They are a typical size vitamin only instead of one you take three at a time.  The package didn’t actually say, so being lazy I took all three at once.  Nothing seems unusual about them, except that they are obviously tan colored with dark flecks, so they certainly appear to be organic compared to the average vitamin.

I have to say that the Perfect Energy works really well.  Almost too well, I probably shouldn’t have taken them around lunchtime the first day.  I’m on day three and my sleep schedule has been altered.  I was too energized to fall asleep and my sleep schedule has shifted about two hours.  I’m thinking that the Perfect Calm will help me return back to normal.  I was feeling really out of it today until I took them.  Not sure if it’s just because I didn’t get the regular amount of sleep.

After five days of them, I can say my sleep schedule was out of whack because I had too much energy at the end of the day.  I suppose if I had planned it, then I wouldn’t be having a problem.

Sadly, the perfect calm did not have the desired reverse effects.  Even though I know that the ingredients should have made me feel calm and sleepy including things like lavender and lemon balm, but no such luck.  I could not feel any noticeable differences.  My sleep schedule remained off even with the perfect calm.  So, while it may have a different effect for someone else it didn’t help me in the way I had hoped.

I certainly recommend the Perfect Energy if you need an energy boost.  Just be sure to take them in the morning or risk becoming a night owl.  The Perfect Calm did not seem to calm me much.  Neither one had any side effects unless you consider too much energy a side effect.  They work just as regular vitamins.  I only took five days worth, so I can’t entirely know how they would affect you long term, but they seem to be harmless.

*I was sent these products for review.  All opinions are my own*

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