Ducks always mean spring to me!

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I know these aren’t the best pictures, but I have to share this with y’all.  Every spring when the weather changes from cold to warm and rainy a pair of ducks shows up.  Saturday morning I went to take Rosie out and there they were in the neighbor’s front yard.  Although this year there was the pair that always shows up along with an extra male.  I haven’t seen the extra male since Saturday afternoon though.  I’m always thrilled to see them because it means spring is really here to stay. 

They’re also adorable.  The male always keeps a watch on the female while she spends her time looking for bugs.  They also end up swimming in my backyard, and no we don’t have a pool.  Before the houses were built here in the 60’s, a natural spring used to run through the backyard area.  So when it rains we do get standing water in the backyard.  And the ducks swim in it, in the middle of the grass in the backyard.  It looks like they are swimming in the grass. 
Mr. Seven also thinks the ducks are amazing.  I don’t think he quite understands what they are, but he finds them fascinating.  The ducks normally hang around for about a month going all over the block.  When they get closer to the house, I’ll take more pictures to share.  I just had to share because it always makes my day to see them.  :)
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