Zevia All Natural Soda Review + Giveaway!!

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I was lucky enough a couple of weeks ago to get to try Zevia through a friend of mine.  And while I’m not a soda drinker (pretty much ever) its really great.  Since I liked it so much, that I contacted Zevia to see if they would be willing to host a giveaway on my blog.  And guess what???  They said yes!!  But more on that later.

Zevia is sweetened with Stevia which makes it all natural and zero calories.  You truly can’t beat that in a soda.  I mean diet sodas and the new zero sodas are sweetened with all kinds of artificial stuff.  And that really can’t be a great thing to be adding to your body all the time.  Zevia being sweetened this way also makes it a great choice for diabetics, those on a diet or just those wanting to watch the amount of sugar in their diets. 

 Zevia has 12 different flavors and by now I’ve tried most of them.  Zevia is always best when cold and straight from the can.  It can go flat quickly if you pour it into a glass.  My favorite way to have Zevia is the ginger root beer in a glass with a scoop of egg nog ice cream on top.  Absolutely delicious!!  And yeah while it does get a little flat when I make a float the ice cream totally makes up for it.  :)  The rest of the family is quite fond of it too.  So far the ginger ale, black cherry and grapefruit citrus are the big flavor winners at my house.

Zevia is available in 6 packs at Whole Foods and a host of other retailers.  As far as I can tell my local Whole Foods carries all 12 flavors.  So hopefully yours does too.  :)

And now on to the giveaway!!  Zevia was kind enough to send me a coupon for a free 6-pack to giveaway.  Giveaway open to US entries only. 

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*Zevia did provide me with samples to review along with a prize to giveaway.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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