The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy by Douglas Adams

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I wrote a review on the first book in the series.  I would try to review each of the books individually, but they become so interconnected through plots that it’s complicated.  Plus the endings give things away and have a way of reversing plots and changing character dynamics.  I’d say that if you read the first one and like then you’ll love the others equally.

Although, perhaps you’d prefer the radio version or the television series or the computer game or the movie.  It’s obvious that the world enjoyed the series.  It’s hard not to love a trilogy in six parts.  Or to ignore a book which allows you to poke fun at the world and ourselves.  I have taken some of the advice to heart. “Don’t Panic!” is excellent advice and while I have no robots or aliens to interact with I believe that they are as equally mundane as the human race.  Why shouldn’t they want to build a highway in space?

I can’t remember not loving any of the parts.  The sixth part (And Another Thing…) was written by Eoin Colfer with the permission/request of Adams family after his death while it is not written by Adams it does remain true to the core characters.

The series kept growing but even Adams had some issues keeping his plots from attacking each other.  The bits of time travel and parallel universes complicate things and it’s hard to  keep the same level of humor from the meta when one piece of information can change the entire story.


That’s just a reason why I love science fiction because things can change so much with one line from one character or the creation of totally foreign cultures and species that you can’t help but like.  Why shouldn’t an author play around with the distinctive characteristics of alien lifeforms?  I love the cows that want to be eaten.  They’re total opposites of an Earth cow.  They’re personalities are so distinct and they annoy the humans with their pleas to be enjoyed.  The humor is still there.

There is an entire book where Arthur becomes stranded and becomes the sandwich maker.  That’s his main job to make sandwiches and the natives love it because they never had a sandwich before his arrival.  I certainly love the entire series even if Adams didn’t get to finish it himself, but like Colfer, I love the characters so much that I don’t need him to tell me what other adventures they could have.  I can think up my own adventures.

Mostly though, I know that ideas will continue to sprout in my mind after having read this series.  I found a different perspective from a person that knew not to take everything too seriously.

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