Mariano’s Fresh Market Coupon Policy

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Mariano’s Fresh Market Coupon Policy

Since I’ve been unable to track down an official copy of Mariano’s coupon policy, I finally contacted them about it.  They emailed me one quite quickly.  This is a lot more clear than what I’ve heard from staff is that we take one coupon per item.  Like almost all other stores in the Chicago area they don’t take free internet coupons.  But they also don’t take internet B1G1 coupons.  There isn’t anything to say that you can’t use a B1G1 regular coupon though on a B1G1 sale.  Also, during Double Daze they don’t double coupons that say do not double.  That’s something to keep in mind too as you plan your Double Daze trips.

Manufacturer Coupon Acceptance Policy
We will gladly accept manufacturer’s coupons from our customers. The following rules
apply to the acceptance of all manufacturers’ coupons within our stores.
Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
 Coupons are not accepted past their expiration date.
 We do not accept voided coupons. Coupons are considered voided if they are
copied, duplicated, altered, etc.
 We do not accept coupons for products not purchased.
Items received free through store promotions are not eligible for further
discounting by manufacturer’s coupon.
 Only one coupon per purchased product is accepted.
 Coupons are accepted for products only of equal or greater value; we do not give
cash back on coupons.
 Coupons presented and products purchased must match exactly. We follow all
purchase stipulations set forth by the manufacturer.
Examples include size restrictions, quantity purchase requirements, etc.
 Sales tax is paid by the customer at full retail.
Specific Policy Points
Buy One Get One store promotions
 Coupons will be accepted only for the product(s) purchased. Coupons will not be
accepted for the products(s) received free.
Meal Deal store promotions
 Coupons will be accepted for the product(s) purchased by the customer
associated with the meal deal. Coupons will not be accepted for any of the free
products associated with the meal deal.
Internet Coupons
 We accept internet manufacturer’s coupons, with the exception of free or buy one
get one free internet coupons.
Internet Coupon Policy
We gladly accept internet manufacturer coupons.
We do not accept “Free Product” or “BOGO” internet coupons.
Internet coupons are manufacturer’s coupons. As with all manufacturers’ coupons,
you may only accept one coupon per item.
Determining if an Internet Coupon is Valid
To be a valid coupon, the document must…
1. Clearly indicate that it is a manufacturer’s coupon.
a. “Manufacturer’s Coupon,” “Manufacturer’s Internet Coupon,” “Manufacturer’s
Instant Coupon,” or similar must be printed at the top of the document.
2. Clearly indicate coupon expiration date.
a. We only accept coupons that have not expired.
3. Have a watermark printed on the face of the coupon. Watermarks are generally
found around the value of the coupon or the product image.
4. Have an identification number of the coupon printed. Each internet coupon is
traceable by the company printing the coupons. Generally, you will find a PIN
number, dot-scan bar code, etc.
5. Have a billing address for the retailer to send redeemed coupons for payment.
6. Have a website address identifying the company generating the coupons.
7. Have a barcode to scan at the POS (point of sale) register.
Double Daze are every Wednesday with your Roundy’s Rewards Card.   The first five coupons are doubled, up to and including one dollar in value, with a minimum purchase of 25.00 (subtotal after your Roundy’s Rewards card is scanned and in store coupons/specials are deducted).
Roundy’s does not honor competitor coupons or coupons where the manufacturer states “Do Not Double”.
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