Make your own B&B Surf Spray

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I saw online a recipe to make your own Surf Spray.  Now I’ve never been one to fuss at all with my hair because it doesn’t really hold a curl or wave or anything like that.  For example, I can put mousse or curl enhancing product in my hair, use ceramic hot rollers, take them out, spray with hairspray and I’ve got curls for all of 20 minutes before the weight of my hair drags them down.  I’ve got extremely fine hair and its thick.  So I typically get it cut in a modified bob with a lot of layering to take the weight out.  I thought this spray might be fun…especially since I had everything on hand but a spray bottle.  So off to the dollar store to get a cheap bottle of hairspray.  (See I don’t even have a hairspray bottle in the house!!)

So once you’ve got your bottle, you need three things:

1. 3 teaspoons epsom salts
2. 3 squirts water based hair gel (I found a bottle of stuff I last used in college)
3. 4 oz. tap water
4. spray bottle (you definitely need one of those!)

So after you have all this stuff…its super easy to make.  Pour it all in your spray bottle and shake it up till the epsom salts dissolve.  Spray all through either wet or dry hair.  And you can either let it dry or use a hair dryer to speed it along.  :)

Here are some after pics!!

So if you want something fun to use in your hair definitely try this out!!  So simple to make and easy to use.  :)

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