Death’s Crooked Shadow By Gordon N. McIntosh

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Not your typical murder mystery.  This is a mystery that bears more complexity than most.  The plot is centered on uncovering the details of a found body which alters the course of Danny Delaney’s life.

Even in fiction, most characters don’t have to deal with their parent’s actions.  I was drawn in by the unconventional plot.  I found it relaxing to read a novel that isn’t completely filled with outrageous drama.  If I’m honest, most mysteries are filled with it.  Most suspects presented are filled with hatred and an unhealthy mental state, but not every crime committed is one deranged person wanting only to harm other people.  
This does not follow that path and we get a better narrative because of it.  The crime and investigation are logical.  The circumstances are completely believable which always results in a better story. 

McIntosh provides us with real world details that create an entirely plausible mystery.  His characters are truly human.  Our lead character doesn’t just go off to solve a murder leaving everything else in his life behind.  He is still a parent and our other characters are equally grounded.  It’s refreshing to be presented with characters that proceed as I or anyone else would. 

When you compact the story, Danny Delaney just wants to know what happened to his father.  His body has turned up in unusual circumstances.  He decides to solve the mystery so he can understand how his father died and the events that led to it.  In the end, the outcome will not leave the reader in a state of unease or unsatisfied.  Obviously, the mystery is bound to be solved as it’s the main plot but this one left me feeling less jaded. 

Political corruption does exist in the world and Chicago is a prime example.  Around here, people say that the dead still come out to vote.  Only this was a good reminder that not every person involved in politics is corrupt or out to make money. 

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a more subtle and sophisticated mystery.

Author’s Bio: Gordon N. McIntosh began writing mysteries and thrillers after a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a successful real estate career. After an early retirement he and his wife traveled and lived extensively in Mexico, South America, Australia and Europe. Now they split their time between their homes in Chicago and Key West, Florida. When he’s not writing, he enjoys running, scuba diving, tennis, and world travel. This is his second mystery/thriller novel.

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All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I received this copy from the author from review.  Other than that I was not compensated for this review.
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