Hugo Naturals Effervescent Bath Salts in Mango & Guava

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I was so excited that I won one of the 12 days of Christmas giveaway that Hugo Naturals held on facebook.  While I’d never tried their products before, I do love trying new things.  This reminds me of something I’d find at Whole Foods (Where I would shop more if it weren’t so out of the way to get to…I mean having to drive through the mad mall crowds to get to the one in Schaumburg is just a zoo most of the time…but I digress).

I definitely like things that are organic and though I’ll never been vegan or even vegetarian (having a soy allergy kinda cuts that option right out for ya) it is nice to see health and beauty products that are.  It’s also Gluten-Free which is nice if you have a gluten allergy.  I’m guessing gluten free beauty products aren’t all that easy to come by either.  Because soy free ones are pretty hard to find too.

I haven’t been big on baths since I was a kid…mainly because I’ve never had a truly big soaking tub in the house.  But I just had to give these a try as they smell so amazing.  :)  It’s just the perfect blend of mango and guava…with a little more guava.  My entire bathroom smelled of this, which was super relaxing too.  It also worked great as a muscle tension remover just like the label said.  I’ve been keeping my new year’s resolution so far by using the bike and the treadmill every other day…that said I have noticed some soreness.  Soaking in the tub with this worked all of that out.

Here’s a pic of what the actual salts look like.  It’s a mixture of Dead sea and Himalayan pink salts.  It’s a little hard to see the pink flakes but trust me they are in there.  It only takes a handful of salts each time you use it.  Which means that this tub should last me for a while.

This is something I definitely recommend if you love natural products, are a little sore from your new year’s resolutions or just love to soak in the tub.

*I won this tub of effervescent bath salts from Hugo Naturals in their 12 days of Christmas contest on facebook.  All opinions are my own.*

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