Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

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The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  We find our heroine is forced to pretend to having a good romantic relationship with Peeta for the cameras.  They find their popularity has sparked a special version of the Hunger Games.  Past winners have been selected to participate in a special edition of the Hunger Games.  This means she and Peeta must face the arena again.  Only this time there is an even smaller chance that they can both survive.


The two find themselves fighting even harder the second time in the arena.  This one is much deadlier with a timed danger in each section following the lay out of a twelve hour clock.  Each section is deadly for an hour in clockwise rotation.  They must keep moving or risk death from the arena before the other tributes even have the chance to kill them.  Only this time the tributes are less inclined to risk death.  Some team up to find a way to thwart those in charge of the Hunger Games.  They figure out a way to penetrate the barrier and are able to escape at the close of the book.  The ending is satisfying but the plot doesn’t quite uphold the same standards of the first book in the trilogy.  There are less emotional connections between Katniss and the other characters.  The same level is not reached because our characters have been hardened by their first round in the Hunger Games.

The plot is still entertaining as we wonder what risks are posed to the characters lives, but this book is certainly a transition into the scenarios of the final book: Mockingjay.  There is less insight into the workings of Panem.  We are not presented with much new information into the workings of the dystopian world as less time is spent outside the arena.  Catching Fire is more of a thriller as the focus is on the fighting and dangers in the arena.  The second installment is a good read but expect a lot loss thought provoking content.  Honestly, you could skip the second book and not miss much in the trilogy except to know that it sets up Katniss’ resolve to bring down the oppressive government.  Neither Katniss or Peeta dies but they don’t resolve their conflicted relationship.

This book left little impact to the point that I had to look up the title because I had forgotten it.  Although the title basically explains the purpose of the second book which is for the idea of revolution to catch fire.

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