Brand New Pam!

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So if you love to cook and bake, have I got something to tell you about.  I was really lucky to be chosen by smiley360 to try out the new Pam.  It’s 70% better at making things not stick to your pans.  To help me try it out they sent me a free product coupon for both Pam and some tomatoes.  They also sent me a new Pyrex baking dish, spatula and a Pam recipe booklet.  I chose not to make a recipe out of the booklet, but our fave baked mac n cheese recipe with added cubed ham and spinach.

The recipe was good and gooey, which was great to test out the Pam on.  The cheese also bakes on.  Normally, we have to leave the pan to soak in some water before washing it to make it easier.  Here’s a pic of the pan with all the mac n cheese gone.

Amazingly, the pan instantly came clean when washed.  This is amazing.  I’d never have thought it would make that big of a difference with the new Pam.  I’ve since used it with baking other things and the same great non stick results.  This is something I’d definitely recommend to anyone who bakes and cooks.  I’m actually tempted to give away my stash of old Pam so I can replace it with this new great easy clean up version.

There is also a coupon for Pam.  This will give you a reason to go pick some up and try it out yourself.  Also if you have a Dominick’s or Safeway in your area….this week’s ad 11/3-11/9 has a stack able store coupon for Pam you can use with this printable.  I’m holding on to both till they go on sale.  :)

*Smiley360 sent me these products to try.  All opinions are my own.

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