Sad Day today

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So today was kind of a sad day….

Took Miss Rosie Dickens to the vet because she needed some shots and a pedicure.  Found out that she has cataracts in both eyes.  The vet said that when its light out, seeing anything would look like you were trying to look at things underwater.  You see shapes and colors and movement but aren’t able to see a lot of detail. 

The really sad thing is that if there is no light she can’t see at all.  That’s pretty upsetting.  So I’m working on putting night lights all over the house.  I wouldn’t want her to run into anything if something got moved.  She normally doesn’t wander at night but just in case I’ll feel better having night lights.

The upside is that her sniffer is working much better than it ever did.  So it is true that when one sense dims the others do compensate for it.  And the vet said other than the vision, which won’t get worse she’s in great shape.  Very active, good muscle tone, shiny coat….we just have to be aware that she can’t see when its dark.

Does anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas?

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