Incredibly Cold In Chicago

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It wasn’t even forty out this morning in Arlington Heights.  Talk about fall showing up quickly. 

Well Rosie is all hunkered down in her kennel this morning with a blanket.  The cat was even following her around this morning wanting to cuddle with her.  But since he normally just walks up and attacks her, she wasn’t quite interested in being cuddle buddies.  He’ll have to sneak up on her later after she’s already fallen asleep.

It’s been a very uneventful few days.  Even though we did make cake pops, they didn’t turn out as gorgeous as the ones from the cookbook.  Apparently you need to dip them a couple of times to make them seem more round.  That wasn’t a helpful hint included in the book.  Would have been nice to know before we started.  But they do taste great.  And we’ll probably make more of them.

Been spending every morning working on the mold we’ve found in the basement.  Apparently if you don’t use a/c during the summer months in the Chicago area its way too humid down there.  And mold develops.  I still have to learn about dehumidifiers.  To suck all the humidity out of the basement.  It does look like the basement is closed off because of contamination.  Just like it would look in a horror movie.

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