Mardi Gras Carnivale Style


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When I think of Mardi Gras I think of all the southern comfort foods like Jambalaya, beignets, coffee and chocolate. At Carnivale you get all of that with a little Latin flair. Chef Ozzy Amelotti and Chef Carlos Garza combined with their Argentinean and Mexican backgrounds have created the most amazing southern comfort foods. 

The Jambalya has your typical fixings combined with Paella flavors. Now, I’ve never had a savory beignet in my life but these were on point. The nice crispy texture on the outside and the soft crab cake texture on the inside. Talk about party in your mouth. Just when I though this was my favorite bite of the night they come out with dessert and it went downhill from there. If there is anything you must try on the menu, then it is the Banana Taco Foster!!!! My exact words to Chef Ozzy was “If today was my last day on earth I could die a happy woman!’ Yes, that’s how good these were.

I have to warn you, you can only try these dishes on Fat Tuesday, March 5th as these items are not on their regular menu. So try celebrating Mardi Gras at Carnivale. They are also have live entertainment and Samba dancers as part of their Mardi Gras celebration!  Find out more here on their website

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