About Us

Hi, my name is Alison.  I’m Miss Rosie Dicken’s most favorite human.  Our blog gets its name from her because really what is more inquisitive than a yellow Labrador?  In real life, Rosie isn’t stranger friendly, but she does love her family to bits and pieces.  She even loves her cat, Mr. Seven.  Seven is a ginormous orange tabby cat, think Garfield, who lately is so pleased with Susie that he chirps when she pets him.

I’m enthusiastic about all things food and I do mean all things.  On Rosie Discovers you’ll find recipes and reviews of all the extremely wonderful things we discover.  Along with food you’ll also find things that we love.  These could be books, makeup or just about anything.

A little about me, I’m a former master barista and a librarian.  Weird combination, huh?  I think both really bring something to our recipe creation.  While I’m not a professionally trained chef I have baked and cooked almost my entire life.  I was the girl in school who baked something for almost every single project.  Due to the baking, I almost always got an ‘A’.  (Okay it wasn’t all due to the baking, I am a smart cookie :))

My sister Susie also is behind this blog.  You’ll see her posts as Sevensthefavorite.