Life Without Rosie Dickens

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we've got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, … [Read More...]

Rogue Through Chicago

rog 19

Beyond being a modern SUV, the Nissan Rogue has all the versatility you need for city driving.  If you live near Chicago, then you know driving in such a populated area has it’s hazards.  From taxis moving at the last second to pedestrians jaywalking, you never know what will cross your path.  Of course, with the new Rogue Sport we had no issues making U turns to chase after street art.   rog 21

The Rogue is the perfect size for everyday.  For the commuter or smaller family the Rogue is just right. There are only 5 seats.  However, if you opt for the midnight luxury edition, those seats will be spoken for easily.  You can fold down the seats to make more room in all the Rogue models.  We test drove all of them including the newest Rogue Sport preproduction car.  While there is a difference in the drive, really it boils down to where you plan to drive. rog 1

With pedestrian detection, you no longer need to be concerned about hitting someone.  Using the remote start, you never have to worry if your car is too hot or too cold.  With the full media package, you can always have the information you need at your fingertips during a commute.  To be honest, we loved the original Rogue for everyday driving.  All the convenience you have at home can be had in your car without awkwardly packing a laptop.   rog 17

There are less distractions for the driver in a new vehicle.  Especially with Nissan’s early detection features.  From spotting other vehicles in your blind spot to lane departure, the Rogue has you covered.  This SUV is smart enough to detect you drifting out of a lane and guide you back inside the lines.   A feature that comes in handy in the ever changing construction of Chicago.  Those dotted lines can be hard to spot on ever transitioning asphalt.  

rog 4

One of my favorite parts of course is the eco option.  Being able to decide how you drive is a vast improvement over just dealing with what your vehicle can give you.  When in the city, I loved the eco option.  This meant that I could tote around a load of full of food and not worry about wasting gas.  We did deliver meals out of the Rogue during our last Fight2Feed mission.  Driving around for a few hours looking for hungry people is definitely a drain on gas levels.  With even a half full tank I had no worries of running low on gas.  

rog 22

The safety features are not limited to inside the vehicle though.  The 360 camera is something that I will continue to rave about even now.  During our trip through Lower Wacker and Lower Michigan, we are always alert.  We are cautious and safe.  We never feed on the street alone.  However, every time we stop the driver can pop on the camera with the push of a button.  Not only can you see everyone approaching the Rogue, but also take a peek around a corner.   rog 2

We drove through the countryside.  Outside the big city, you would want the Sport option.  Those winding roads with higher speeds are fun.  I definitely think taking the Rogue Sport would make our culinary adventure.  We took the Rogue to a giant farm with nicely paved roads.  The Rogue traveled to one of our chef’s houses with a driveway packed with cars.  The gravel driveway  of a nursery with a pet turkey that greeted our Rogue.  All of these settings and we never once had a problem.  Never did driving seem like a chore.  In fact in many of those cases, we were glad to be get back into the Rogue and head off to someplace else.  Last month we didn’t want to say goodbye to the Sandstone Pathfinder, and this month we hated saying goodbye to the Midnight Jade Rogue.  

Nissan Rogue To The Rescue

rog 10 Thankfully, we had the luck to drive a brand new Nissan Rogue for another of our bigger feeds.  While we spent all day feeding with the Rogue, we also had the luck to brush up on safety with some friends at the Richmond Fire Department.  At Fight2Feed, we always want our volunteers to be safe but there are a lot of great people in our communities who are heroes everyday. 

rog 7

We met with Lieutenant Dan Hanley who gave us the full tour.  Working with what they have, they have a dedicated engine with water tanks alongside a water truck that can hold 4,000 gallons of water just for city limits.  In an area without fire hydrants, these firefighters manage to put out fires with limited water.  They have an engine designated for travel, an ATV for hard to reach areas and ambulances.  Not only are these firefighters doing great work, but they have great resource management.  rog 13

One trait we have in common is always being alert.  So when a call came during the tour, we went outside before they got the all clear.  While they are always ready to go with their gear laid out and maintained.  We had a little help from the Rogue cameras.  When our volunteers get out to do street mission, not only is the driver watching but with the camera button you can keep a 360 view of anyone approaching the car.   rog 14

One difference between a Rogue and a firetruck is that the Nissan Rogue can come fully loaded.  Whereas a fire truck needs to be fitted.  All of the equipment needs to be added onto the truck.  With hundreds of feet of hoses, with different sizes to all of the various pumps.  Not just anyone can run the pumps on a fire truck.  These firefighters are fully certified engineers.   rog 12

While the startup is similar with a few buttons you can get a fire truck running.  The Rogue of course just needs the key to be nearby to start your car.  That remote start is great for transporting food.  When it is hot outside, the Rogue knows to turn on the air conditioning and when it is cold the heat will turn on.  So in a matter of minutes your Nissan will be fully adapted to the climate around you.  

We appreciate everything these everyday heroes do for our communities.  They rescue lives while we rescue food. We have great respect for the Richmond Township Fire Department who are serious until it comes to your friends excitedly climbing into the fire truck to take pictures. You can find out more about Fight2Feed here.  As well as check out the brand new 2017 Nissan Rogue.  

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