Life Without Rosie Dickens

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we've got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, … [Read More...]

Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker

dh 5 There are definitely some great first chapter books to be found.  Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker by Shelley Johannes is perfect for young kids.  Beatrice is a little bit of a rebel or an outcast.  She is not a traditional kid by any means.  Beatrice after all prefers to think upside down, literally. 

The illustrations are lovely providing a glimpse into Beatrice’s world.  As she hangs from trees and plans missions, the pictures do more than show what is happening.  They add to the story.  So the reader can judge for themselves whether or not Beatrice’s ninja outfit is stealthy.  Or what they think of the hideout place on the playground.  dh 6

Beatrice Zinker is 8 years old and has one really good friend, Lenny.  Beatrice and Lenny are both tomboys and have a lot of fun doing things like fighting pirates or spying.  Only for Beatrice to lose contact with her friend Lenny over the summer. She finds that Lenny has changed her appearance and style.  Lenny now wants to play with her new friend and neighbor (a more traditional girl).  This is a conflict as Lenny shuns Beatrice as she doesn’t fit in with the crowd.

Beatrice is understandably hurt and confused.  Lenny no longer dresses as a ninja and instead wants to play a veterinarian that doesn’t treat bats.  Beatrice does not lose sight of herself.  She is a free and strong spirited girl.  She knows exactly who she is and struggles to see Lenny change her attitude. 

Rather than give up Beatrice manages to find a way that her and Lenny can have the same relationship.  The ending is good as they agree to spy secretly on the veterinarian.  I certainly feel that this book is perfect for the age group. Here Beatrice provides a perfect example of how being different can affect your friends.  Even if you want to be  ninja, there is no reason you can’t only be a ninja.  We see Beatrice shun everyone else’s games for her own ideas. However, she learns that you can have more fun when you aren’t alone.  If you try what other people want, then you might up end having even more fun.  Also you won’t end up hurting your friend’s feelings.  

dh all

You can find even more books from Disney Hyperion.  They have great stories for all age groups.  Whether you want to let out your inner child or enjoy tales of floating cats, you can find new worlds between these pages. 

Driving Street Mission With Nissan

f2f 3 Part of our mission at Fight2Feed is to feed everyone.  All the people that are hungry and suffer food insecurity.  The people that might have to make a choice of whether to eat or pay a utility bill.  Just like there is a choice of how people decide to live within their means.  Some people cannot live in shelters because they don’t fit the rules.  Or sometimes they want to remain with their family members.  Whatever the case, there are certain communities that we always go out of our way to feed.   f2f 2

Street mission can be dangerous for a few reasons.  There may be individuals that want no contact with strangers.  In our experience though, few of our hungry friends are ever rude or threatening.  They are quite the opposite.  Grateful to have a warm meal that is well balanced.  They are always extremely gracious and humble.  Our hungry friends never take extra food.  They always want us to feed as many people as possible.   circle 5

The real danger comes from other cars.  There are always cars driving through the tunnels under the city of Chicago.  While we are in the Nissan this isn’t an issue.  I can always tell when a car is next to me.  There is a warning alarm in case I try to occupy the same space as another vehicle.  Always a plus, when there is no safe space to pull off the road.  Taking photos on the move is nearly impossible, so maybe you should try test driving your own Nissan Rogue! Don’t take my word for it! Drive it yourself! f2f n 1

Sometimes we find hungry friends at the stop lights.  Then of course the 360<o> camera means that I can keep an eye on volunteers handing out meals.  I can see any person approaching the Rogue.  Especially helpful, when there are many people on foot nearby. 

f2f 1

This October thanks to Nissan we were able to do two Fight2Feed missions in one week feeding 800 people in need of a good meal in Chicago.  We cooked 600 meals at Cornerstone Community Outreach center, utilizing rescued food and 200 meals for Chicago Help Initiative at The Chopping Block at the Merchandise Mart.  We’re now rescuing food from The Chopping Block too!! 

If you’d like to come out and cook with us, we’ve got 2 volunteer dates coming up November 12th and Thanksgiving November 23rd. We’ll need volunteers to prep, cook, serve, pack and do street mission on both dates.  We are truly going all out as we prep meals in 3 hours or less.  If you want to volunteer with us, then expect to get a little bit messy as we leave no turkey undressed.

Beaver’s Coffee And Donuts To Boost Your Morning

As you know, we are all about doughnuts and coffee!  So, when they offered to shower our Fight2Feed volunteers with donuts and coffee, we had to share!  If you are a fan of donuts or make your way about the city based on donuts (like we do), then you are a fan of Beaver’s Donuts already.  […]

Laughs With My Sister: Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

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Drive In The Circle With The Rogue SL

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In the Kitchen: Fall Recipes 10/6/17

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Chicago Baby Show – Top 3 Baby Gifts

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Rogue To Work

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Join Us At The Chicago Baby Show!

What is the Chicago Baby Show? Well, just everything baby you will want all in one place.  The 2017 Chicago Baby Show, on August 26 & 27 at Navy Pier will be part of the largest show series for new and expectant parents in the country.  This is one show you won’t want to pass up.  […]

Love Your Face With The Makeup Show

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Time For Dinner Revolution Foods

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Rogue Through Chicago

Beyond being a modern SUV, the Nissan Rogue has all the versatility you need for city driving.  If you live near Chicago, then you know driving in such a populated area has it’s hazards.  From taxis moving at the last second to pedestrians jaywalking, you never know what will cross your path.  Of course, with […]