Life Without Rosie Dickens

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we've got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, … [Read More...]

Chicago Baby Show – Top 3 Baby Gifts

baby 4 For when you don’t have babies, but everyone around you has babies.  So, you know that you need to find a good gift that both the parent and baby will love.  This is our top 3 picks from the Chicago Baby Show which we feel will help babies everywhere. baby 1

  1. The Indestructible Set- this is not what it’s called, but that’s what we call it.  However, this dish set by Re-Play is a must have in our book.  Coming in a variety of colors to please your baby or toddler.  This plastic is made of recycled materials namely milk jugs.  You can run this over with a car and they won’t break.  Made with safe plastics, this is a set made for the lifestyle of babies and toddlers.  You don’t need to worry about broken dishes or utensils again. Perfect for the high energy baby, toddler or child.  Re-Play makes plates, bowls and utensils that fit all ages.  baby 2
  2. The Not Your Grandfather’s First Bicycle- Also known as the Bicycoo by Joovy.  This is the step before a real bicycle your toddler needs.  The Bicycoo is designed to teach your little one how to balance.  An aluminum frame that is pairs with rubber tires for longer lasting fun.  With no peddles, the toddler learns how to ride at their own pace.  Skip the tricycle and let kids learn to balance without having those unpopular training wheels.  Joovy, is one of our favorite baby brands.  They give you options on just about every product they make.  From bottles to strollers to play pens, they allow you to choose what you want.   baby 3
  3. I Can’t Believe It’s Rice- Also known as The Mochi by People Toy Company.  The People Toy Company is from Japan.  Yet, we were still surprised to see rice based toys.  This line is made of 51% rice.  Combined with plastic to make toys that not are safe.  Perfect teething toys for your baby and toddler.  The colors are uniquely pastel with swirls from the rice.  Plus they actually smell like rice!  This is a delightful toy in our book with a texture that is unique to the Mochi toys and babies seem to love.  Who can blame them, rice is delicious after all.  baby 5
  4. The Who Needs Kids- This is our bonus item that we want.  Who said you needed kids to enjoy this endless decor from Mouse + Magpie.  While the line is primarily for children’s rooms, we don’t see why you wouldn’t want it all.  With artists from all over the world contributing designs that focus on whimsy and imagination.  Mouse + Magpie features sets that include: a pillow, blanket, lamp, clock and print.  Enough to tie a room together and with themes like space dinos or magical unicorn ride.  You’re certain to find something you will love.  We also hear that they will be having bathroom decor coming soon.  Something we’d want for our own bathroom.  

Rogue To Work

ruby 3

Taken by MJSMITH0523 along with all our exterior Rogue Photos.

Taken by MJSMITH0523 along with all our exterior Rogue Photos.

We have tested out the Rogue Sport.  However, this is the Luxury Edition AWL Nissan Rogue.  With a fully loaded Rogue package with everything that you want in an SUV.  This time around we found ourselves driving to Indianapolis.  With a lot of work to do pull off another Culinary Fight Club.  We ended up taking less photos of the car in our surroundings, but that Rogue got us through a crazy long work week. 

ruby int 3 The one constant is that the Rogue always ready and waiting.  Stuck on the road going from place to place to organize events.  There is no better feeling than knowing that you can relax as you drive from the airport to your temporary home.  The relief we both felt upon climbing into the Nissan Rogue is not what I expected.  From each load we picked up and dropped off, the interior had everything we ever wanted.   ruby int 6

Endless choices to plug in our devices for charging when we need it.  To navigation that can rival the best service with up to date traffic alerts and rerouting.  Voice commands for hands free changes. The voice commands take a little adjustment, but at the end of a week there is nothing better than being able to add a stop to your route without stopping. Not to mention the intelligent high beam assist headlights, which mean you always get the right amount of light.  Whether there is a car on the other side of the road or a reflective sign, these lights will adjust accordingly.  

ruby 24

With the remote start, the interior is never scalding hot or freezing cold.  This is still one of my favorite features.  When you are on the go and under deadline, every minute counts.  Nissan truly makes driving easy.  Everything you need is easily accessible in the heads up display.  I could cycle through many details right from the steering wheel.  Long gone are the days where I have to keep checking my next turn.  With the heads up display there it is right in front of you.  Especially in the circular area of Indianapolis, finding the next turn can be harder than I thought.  Knowing exactly which lane will take me back to the house is worth more than anything else.  Getting lost is  thing of the past.  

ruby 25

Not to mention that the leather seats are somehow not sticking to your bare skin in the middle of July.  Even on a humid day, there is no discomfort.  The two tones of leather are amazing. The contrast makes you feel like you bought yourself a day at the movies.  Of course, the screen is whatever you happen to be driving past.  For us, we went out of our way to match the exterior shots with how the interior feels. 

ruby 19

Whether we took the Rogue to downtown Chicago or to the stony beaches of Lake Michigan.  This is a vehicle that can handle anything.  From a quick run to the grocery store to an extra seat for a friend you find on the way.  We had some unexpected journeys with this Palatial Ruby and we certainly didn’t want to let it go.  To be honest, this Rogue felt even more perfect than the others.  This is the Rogue I want most of all.  The Luxury Edition AWL with details thought out to keep you on the road.  You can find your own Palatial Ruby here

Join Us At The Chicago Baby Show!

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Rogue Through Chicago

Beyond being a modern SUV, the Nissan Rogue has all the versatility you need for city driving.  If you live near Chicago, then you know driving in such a populated area has it’s hazards.  From taxis moving at the last second to pedestrians jaywalking, you never know what will cross your path.  Of course, with […]

Nissan Rogue To The Rescue

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Discover Dinos And Dragons At Brookfield Zoo

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Nissan FIGHT2FEED Mother’s Day Mission

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Pathfinder Your Way Through Chicagoland

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