Life Without Rosie Dickens

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we've got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, … [Read More...]

Savory Chocolate: A Culinary Fight Recap

cfc choc 1 Savory Chocolate is something not everyone likes. The iconic chocolate is sweet. However, even as someone who likes the sweeter side of chocolate, I had trouble rating my favorite taste!  There were 4 chefs competing last month.  One of them a dual header with a 2 chef team that clinched victory.   cfc choc 2

So, I gave away the secret, but I didn’t even get down to the details.  Paul Caravelli and Greg Gaardbo weren’t the only chefs competing. Chef Miguel Ranguel served up a mole in under an hour using his grandmother’s own bowl.  He certainly came to win, but Lucky Strike wasn’t on his side this time.

cfc choc 6

The Marshmallow Fairy, Jennifer Erin Cox went savory with chocolate coated biscuits that were filled.  The tastes were a little messy but so worth needing a napkin.  

cfc choc 5

Chef Criag Couper of Michael Jordon’s Steakhouse brought his crew in red, ready to battle.  They went with a classic meat and potatoes dish finishing with a savory chocolate sauce.  Perfectly cooked potatoes are hard to pull off in a time limit with enough needed for the entire crowd.  Remember these chefs are cooking on different equipment than you would find in their kitchens.  Honestly, we are always impressed with what these chefs manage to turn out during a fight.  

cfc choc 4

However, some chefs go above and beyond.  Gaardbo and Caravelli crafted special engraved wooden plates.  Space for not only a candle but also the imperial stout that paired with the steak.  I think the secret to their victory is having an overall plan for the theme.  Their dish would not lose integrity with the options offered in the pantry.  Together they crafted a plate that anyone would have tried to steal from the judges.  I’m certain more than one person thought about it. I know we did.  You can find these two chefs at either Chicago Culinary Kitchen or Knife & Tine (look for a review on the blog this week!) 

cfc choc 7

So while the battle of the Savory Chocolate will remain in our memories until next year, we are anticipating the battle of the Pork.  We will be witnessing an epic battle at the Chop House in Wicker Park this Wednesday from 6-9PM.  

Cfc chi pork

You can still buy tickets.  As always tickets include 2 hours of open bar and the chance to sample the dish of each battling chef.  All of this supports FIGHT2FEED which feeds the hungry in Chicago.  Who do you think will take home the title?

Chicago Heats Up at Roof on theWit

rtw 1a Those of us in Chicago know how great our choices are when it comes to restaurants.  These days we want not only good food but a great atmosphere as well.  Roof on theWit is another rooftop spot that promises you everything you want from a night out.  Their new menu works with the atmosphere to provide an easy space for sharing not just your night but your food as well. With a focus on the Mediterranean flavors, Chef Nathan Sears is turning up the heat.  rtw 5

We could use some heat even in the middle of April, which is when the new menu officially launches.  April in Chicago has seen snow and ice. So, we are not afraid of taking on that extra heat and warmth to get through our days.  Luckily, the Roof on theWit promises a new menu with dishes that will allow you to relax without booking a vacation.  
rtw 9

Coming highly recommended by us are the slow cooked lamb with garlic tahini and the confit beet baba ghanoush with dukkah, mint and naan.  The slow cooked lamb really gives you an idea of what differs in the flavors Chef Sears chose.  You are probably familiar with lamb growing up in the Midwest, so having it served in another way is a great way to learn to love Mediterranean cuisine.  Basically, I’m saying lamb tends to be delicious, but even more so like this.

rtw 7

Also, I’m a sucker for a beet dish.  When you choose the size of the beet you are deciding upon the sweetness.  The smaller the beet the sweeter the taste.  If you aren’t a fan, then all you need to do is try this baba ghanoush.  Seriously, beets alone have a bad reputation, but paired in this way I think you’ll be shouting from this Roof on theWit.   rtw 2

The drinks are equally important from a bar.  So, I had to test them out.  One has a spiciness that might just kickstart your evening into high gear.  This is our favorite. Aptly named the Spanish Mistress is a lady we would all line up to taste.  rtw 6

The Roof on theWit opens April 13th. You can maker reservations and find out more here.  I expect you to see an entirely new view from the 27th floor this spring.  Hopefully you and I, will both look forward to more photos featured here courtesy of Jon Zuluaga Photography.  Until then keep eating and we will keep finding new places in Chicago to feast.

Tony’s Cinnamon Frosted Flakes

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Culinary Fight Club Pro Series

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Culinary Fight Club: Chocolate Edition

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First Look For Charity 2017

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Counting The Last Year

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we’ve got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, mostly […]

The Bottled Blonde Serves Up Culinary Fight Club

This month’s fight had it all.  Sips and bites!  Along with a large crowd that came to watch a brutal battle of chefs and mixologists.  100% of the proceeds from December’s fight went to Fight2Feed.  I am really here to tell you about Culinary Fight Club, but I can say that we cooked and fed […]

Holidays With Sullivan’s Steakhouse

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