The Perfect Porterhouse: Portion Your Love

Let’s be honest, for Valentine’s Day the important part is spending time with your loved ones.  So, even though you may want to cook a fabulous meal rather than going out to eat you want it to be spectacular and impressive yet fairly simple.  With this goal in mind, we decided upon a porterhouse steak […]

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Stoup

I’m sure you already know that we love all forms of chicken pot pie at Rosie Discovers.  Although Susie isn’t too fond of peas, but she picks them all out without too much complaint.  This recipe is kind of a mix between a soup and a stew or maybe a stoup?  It’s got a ton […]

Baked Ziti-Rito

Ragú recently asked me if I wanted to put my spin on one of their recipes.  Of course I was up for it!!  I picked their Ragú No Boiling Baked Ziti to jazz up.  I wanted to do something not too complicated but I definitely wanted a change from the traditional Ragu Italian taste.  I actually considered several things […]

Turducken – A Mythical Meat Makes Celebrations Easy

Being a food blogger, I’ve had a lot of crazy foods like snails and alligator.  Wait, I had those way before I morphed into a food blogger.  Needless to say I’m not one to shy away from trying something new if its food.  That brings us to today’s post!  Turducken, that mythical meat treat, is […]

Roasted Quinoa Stuffed Pork Loin

Being that winter has finally arrived in the Chicago area, I’ve been wanting to do a roast to get more in the holiday mood.  Specifically a rolled and stuffed pork loin filled with yummy things like quinoa, mushrooms and healthy greens roasted with some parsnips, potatoes and carrots.  A dish like this always means winter […]

Citrus Shrimp Fettuccine with Egg Sauce

There is one place we can always go when we want something good for dinner.  While we didn’t pick up the What’s for Dinner? which included Rosemary Salmon and Butternut Squash Risotto, something we’ll keep in mind, we did find all the ingredients for our own recipe.  We fall into the same habits as I […]

Coconut Buttermilk + Pancake Recipe!

I know I haven’t talked about it a lot, but this past summer we made the choice to eat more a flexitarian diet.  This means we try to eat vegan at least 2 meals a day.  It’s not an all or nothing lifestyle.  If some days I feel like eating more protein I do.  You […]

Homemade Italian Turkey Sausage

There is one thing that I generally don’t make myself.  Italian sausage mostly because I tend to think the process is one that takes a long time if you do it on your own.  Of course if you are only mixing the meat with the spices then there isn’t much to it besides perfecting your […]

How to Make Cottage Cheese with Sour Milk!

I don’t think we’ve yet talked about my love of cottage cheese.  That’s definitely an oversight!  I absolutely love cottage cheese, but I’m pretty darn picky about it.  A lot of varieties I don’t like because they are just too salty.  I also prefer the higher fat varieties.  I know, I know that isn’t the […]

Korean Pulled Pork

We love all things Korean and pulled pork so when I saw this recipe, I knew it would be a winner.  It so was, not too spicy but oh so yummy.  This isn’t the best photo of the actual pulled pork, but its extremely dark in color.  The only thing I have changed is to […]

Honey Sesame Pork Strips

If you’re looking for a great easy go to dinner, this is definitely it.  I always have everything for this on hand at home as its ingredients we use all the time.  I got this recipe from  I actually altered this recipe from the start because some of the ingredients weren’t things I typically […]

Made from Scratch Cream of Mushroom Soup

So I got this new cookbook, Cook and Freeze by Dana Jacobi.  It has a fantastic recipe for Cream of mushroom soup.  Which is great, cause I have this annoying allergy to soy protein and soy flour.  And you can’t have tuna noodle casserole without cream of mushroom soup.  Every canned variety I’ve ever come […]