Life Without Rosie Dickens

Things haven't been the same around here the past 2 months. If you follow us on social media you already know why. I'm actually crying as I write this....and I'm not ready to even write the whole story. Just this little note. The past 3 weeks tomorrow...every little thing makes me cry. I never know … [Read More...]

#MacysFairchild Can Help You Fall Into Fashion

We recently met a non-native to Chicago.  She mentioned that it was too cold already.  So we began to give her advice on dressing for the cold of a Chicago fall which sometimes means early snow.  Boots that cover your ankle, scarves and as many layers as you need to feel warm.  Also don’t knock long underwear or thermals because they might be the only thing to keep you really warm.  To say she was stressed might be an understatement.  To get all of the items you’d need to feel warm in Chicago could be a challenge especially for someone not knowing what to expect.   As it happens we got invited to attend a fashion event just for fall!  karen-fairchild

Luckily, Macy’s has got you covered.  They have a big reveal for you on October 28th at 5:30PM. Karen Fairchild will be launching her new line, Fair Child, exclusively at Water Tower Place.  The event is FREE for all to attend.  Of course, if you are one of the first 200 people to purchase a Fair Child piece you can get a signed autograph from Karen Fairchild, herself!  

Having lived in Chicagoland for a few years now, we know that boots are a must have not just for fall but until the snow melts.  So, we’re looking for a lot of style to happen above the knee.  We want jackets that are more than just practical but sassy and fun.  Along with layers that aren’t boring.  We want to wear more than just jeans this fall.  Colors are appreciated in what can be a city with towering buildings and cloudy skies.  During fall the colors get darker, so we love to see some feminine touches we can add to our wardrobe!

Hopefully we will see you at the launch of Fair Child.  We certainly always want to look our best no matter the weather.  We do like Little Big Town and we are curious about the style of an artist that we find fabulously dressed.  I’m hoping to stand out this fall with a little help from Macy’s and Fair Child. 

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Lemony Chicken Mushroom Lasagna

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Blue Velvet Cake

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Street Food Fight

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