Secrets Of Topsea: The Many Tales Of A Friendly Town

A Friendly Town That's Almost Always by the Ocean Our last Disney•Hyperion book for the month is A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By The Ocean! This beginner chapter book for ages 8-12 is perfect to encourage young readers.  This is not your typical story as secrets are divulged.  After all when you move to a new town, there are always secrets to be uncovered.  Davy is just moved to Topsea with his Mom.  However, his is not the only perspective. Each chapter is a different character from various classmates, newspapers or memos.  

So, each chapter is an entirely new short story, but they are all interconnected.   Davy, as the new kid, struggles to fit into this new town.  There are strange things like the fact that there are no dogs and mean rock cats.  His locker is at the bottom of the swimming pool.  As Davy struggles to understand the differences between high and low tide and all the unusual rules in Topsea, we learn much from him and his classmates.  They have their own adventures, like Nia’s teacup pig which turns out to be a proud watch hog.  Or the ice cream man which serves up what he wants so you never know if there will be bees or something in the bottom of your cone. 

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Kir Fox & M. Shelley Coats have created the perfect chapter book to help any kid feel better about moving.  After all if you have been the new kid at school, then you know it is hard to learn everything people forget to tell you that’s important.  Davy and his friends show you fantastical examples of mermaids and no gravity days with an ocean that may just come into town. So, in comparison fitting in at another town would feel easy.  After all if you haven’t experienced seaweed season, then you have never needed to eat seaweed ketchup with seaweed burgers on seaweed buns.   FriendlyTown_blog tour banner

Overall, I loved reading this book with all the whimsical secrets of Topsea.  A Friendly Town That Is Almost Always By The Ocean features short chapters and illustrations.  If you are looking for a copy, then you can find one here.  Disney•Hyperion offers books for all ages.  With fantastical adventures that will keep you turning those pages.  

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