Life Without Rosie Dickens

We have enjoyed our holiday break.  We hope that your holidays were all that you wanted.  The new year is off to a start and we've got lots to do even this weekend.  You might catch us at a Chicago Wolves game or even at the Travel & Adventure show in Rosemont.   However, … [Read More...]

Hyundai Giving You The Ultimate Hatchback #SheBuysCars

hyundai 2 The Elantra GT 2018 has everything you want.  I can’t claim to understand all the fine details of car design, but I can tell you that we were impressed. We’d seen the unveiling of the first Elantra.  This version is even sportier and promises all the cargo room you crave with the drivability you’d expect from a sports car.  All this in a hatchback.  

Hyundai has really listened to their customers.  There is more room in the trunk for storing what you need.  25 cubic feet and with the seats folded down in the back, you can garner 55 cubic feet.  That is enough space to move your college bound teen to school in one trip.  

hyundai 3

We’re saying that this hatchback has your back.  Hyundai is confident that not only will you want to drive this car, but that it will be up to our Chicago winter standards.  With improved BlueLink technology that allows you to have one touch control over multiple features. BlueLink technology also means that your Amazon Echo or Alexa can remote start your car from inside the comfort of your own home. Like climate controls, you can set your Elantra GT to be the temperature you want on the inside.  The remote start includes defrost of the rear window and the side mirrors. So, all the pesky spots that you have trouble clearing snow, those are now a thing of the past.  

With safety features like blind spot detection with rear cross view alerts, high beam assist, and pedestrian detection automatic emergency braking the Elantra GT is not lacking.  Along with wireless device charging up to the size of an iPhone 7 Plus and smartphone integration for apple or android, this hatchback is smart anywhere you go.  From the city to the country, Hyundai has given you all the features to make this car fit your lifestyle when you need it. 

hyundai 1

The Elantra GT will go on sale this summer.  Starting near $20,000 the Elantra GT is pricier than the other models in the series.  Yet this Elantra features 6 speeds in manual or automatic transmission harnessing 162 horsepower from the 2.o liter engine.  One step up is the Elantra GT Sport which garners 201 horsepower from a 1.6 liter turbo engine.  Even among the variations of the Elantra GT, there is customization for how you prefer to drive your hatchback.  Hyundai has certainly hit the spot with the new Elantra GT and Elantra GT Sport. 

If you are curious about the new and improved Hyundai Elantra GT, they will be on display all week at McCormick Place.  The Chicago Auto Show is the perfect place to ask questions about buying a new car.  Go and see for yourself if the Elantra GT or Elantra GT Sport has your back.  You can find more at Hyundai.  

Culinary Fight Club Pro Series

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Culinary Fight Club: Chocolate Edition

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First Look For Charity 2017

For the past few years, I have been lucky enough to attend the preview for the First Look For Charity Gala.  I get to learn about which charities are benefitting this year and taste everything.  Every year this event raises around $2 million for local charities.  Last year they met the goal of $2 million […]

Pure Spoon For Perfect Carrot Cake Muffins

I’m here to tell you about Pure Spoon, a line of organic purees for kids!  Normally I don’t cover food for kids, but this seemed way too perfect to pass up.  My niece and nephew are nearly 2 and 4.   Sometimes I spoil them with toys, but I know that their parents and I […]